Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's not ten kilometres... but it'll do! - Afton

Wooohoooo! Well we finished our first run of the new year this evening, I'm not sure how Janelle felt about it but it seemed a bit tiring to me. Mind you my asthma has been bothersome the last week or so, but I was even feeling a tiredness in my legs. Despite the lack of energy we managed to pull through 8 kilometres in our 55 minute run, we were planning to run ten kilometres but as we got closer to home base a mutual agreement of ending early was made. We better get ready to step up our game pretty quick though, our trainer John told us just before Christmas that starting in the new year we will be adding another 15 minutes onto our runs every second week, EEEPPPP!! As for my fundraising I'm still doing my bottle drive, so fellow Joints In Motion marathon runner Jen was so wonderful to bring a whole slew of bottles with her this evening, so much it filled my car, thanks Jen!! So far with my bottle drive I have made over 100 dollars, I haven't gotten to the cookies at all this week, due to a late Christmas party with work I'm not sure I will have enough time to do so, perhaps I will get it done the sunday after. If anyone has suggestions on fundraising some input would be greatly appreciated, so comment away, and I will see you back here next week. Thanks for reading! This is not my car, but this would be pretty awesome!


  1. ha! I love that picture! :) congrats to you both. I'm sure you will step up to the plate when necessary! Good luck! only a few more months left then it's off to Praque!! woo hoo!

    planting season is around the corner. perhaps that would work for a fund raiser

    great post!

  2. WTF. 15 more minutes. I'm staying in Toronto.

  3. At Hope:Thanks!! I thought the photo was sooo funny, then I realized that my car is exactly like that except i have bags around my bottles. I'm loosing my back window with each bag of bottles I collect!!

    At Sara:Common your not that lazy are you??

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