Friday, November 11, 2011


Drum roll please....
Joints in Motion Presents: Janelle and Afton's Great Adventure raised 
for Joints in Motion in support of The Arthritis Society!

Great work everyone who participated and contributed. We couldn't have put this on without Leela Eco Spa and Beso Event Design. Thank you for donating your space Leela, and Thank you ladies at Beso! Also thank you to Amber Lee Photography for capturing this wonderful event.

Special Thanks to Steam Whistle Brewing, Rocky's Sausage Haus, and Amandine Bakery for donating food and drink for the event. 

Also, a great big thank you to the wonderful local artists who filled the evening with great music! Carolyn Harley & Craig West, Chris Naish, and Kadra

Enjoy these snapshots taken by Amber Lee Photography
Afton getting ready to start the night
Performer Craig West
Performer Carolyn Harley 

Nemtoi Glass imported from Romania

Cake donated by Amandine Bakery  

Meat donated by Rocky's Sausage Haus
West & Harley
Steam Whistle Brewing 
Guest Speaker Hazel Alim

Performer Kadra  

Thank you Beso!

Janelle and Afton

Janelle...the talker, and Afton...the entertainer

Performer Chris Naish   

Enjoying some snacks

Auctioneers Extrodinaire!

If you couldn't make it, you can donate online to Janelle Lane or Afton Hayduk or BOTH ;)


  1. High fives to the both of you. It was a fun event and more importantly, you ladies raised funds and awareness for the Arthritis Society.

  2. awesome ladies! and to all the people who donated their time, talents, products and what not! :) you two rock! great photo's!