Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A run with John - Afton

Goodevening readers!! Well crunch time is here, time to train as hard as we can wilst still resting when we can, Janelle and I have literally 32 days to our run, are we scared?? I know I am. Actually I'm feeling a bit of almost every emotion out there it seems, but I keep being told that I will be fine so I'm doing my best to keep sane! This past Sunday the 26th Jen and I took our run south, to the Glenmore Reservoir. I have never been there before it was beautiful despite the fact it was a tad nippy and the snow decided to migrate into my shoes, which made for a very challenging run. In total that day Jen and I went a whopping 16.5 kilometers in just over 2 hours.
Tonight I arrived a bit late to the Tech Shop only to get there and find everyone had already left... as I walked back outside who do I see standing at the corner... JOHN!! My long lost trainer! I haven't seen John for about 3 weeks, between my extra resting and John's previous engagements, I thought I would end up not seeing him before I left for Prague! So off we went together insearch of our group only to find them and take off our own way anyways. Tonight we ran a sweet 8 kilometers in 52 minutes, WOO that was fast! Well I'm off to domestically engineer my apartment, I'll catch ya next week, same place ;)
Don't forget to keep watching for Janelle's posts from Russia They are a whole eleven hours ahead of us so her days vary from time to time. Now I leave you with a fantastic picture Jen took of me on Sunday.


  1. So proud of you girl!!! You are going to kick ass in that marathon. That Johnny D is the best coach waiting for you. Does he read your blog? I don't want him to know I compliment him.

  2. Arg, You are going to leave me in your dust!! No running buddies is proving to be a difficult hurdle :( But hopefully once I leave this icicle i will have more energy to run as much as you!

  3. awesome Afton! i am going to have to start calling you 'awesome afton' :) okay, that is not the most flattering pic. I've seen of you for sure. really doesn't look like you :)
    Love you!

  4. Thanks you guys! Sara, I'm pretty sure he does read the blog when he gets the chance. Janelle, you are going to do just fine you are gonna rock it! Hope, I appreciate thatyo don't think it looks like me :p