Thursday, December 29, 2011

A quick jaunt - Afton

Hey everyone, I trust you all had a great holiday full of love and festivities, I was able to make it to my fathers house for Christmas day to see my family, and it was so fun and colorful. There isn't very much to report tonight, Janelle and I went down to the Tech shop to meet the running group to find that we were apparently the only ones running! So we decided to head back to our own neighborhood and enjoy our own backyard, we didnt go above and beyond or anything, but we got a run in. In total we traveled a whopping 4.5 kilometres in a cool 35 minutes. It was comfortable outside, not too cold not too warm, perfect weather to head out for a longer run, I think we are both just getting tired due to the holidays and school for Janelle, and work for myself has been so busy. As of right now, not much to talk about for fundraising, I'm looking to bake my next cookies by the 8th which I'm pretty sure will be ginger snaps, and I have a bottle drive going on till the 9th. but we will let you know what the next thing on the list will be as soon as we know as well!! See you back here in the new year! :)