Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freeze yo butt off cold - Afton

Well goodevening everyone, I wonder how the weather is where you are... I know it was darn cold around the Calgary area. Mind you if it wasn't for the wind I'm sure I wouldn't be complaining. It's only -11 outside but when you factor in the wind chill we are looking at about -19 and that is considerably cooler then it has been for probably pretty close to a month. Needless to say non of us runners have been complaining. Tonight John, Jen and I ran ten kilometres and we finished an hour and five minutes later, I thought for sure that I had froze my backside off but when I got home it was still there ;) . I hope mother nature decides to keep the weather mild for the rest of my training time before the half marathon *fingers crossed* I wouldn't want to end up with any frostbite mishaps!
I will close this evening off with some fundraising details, so as of today I have been doing my bottle drive for two weeks total, and I have made 320.00 dollars, although I am formally done my bottle drive now the bottles keep pouring in so keep'em coming guys! I have also thrown up an order sheet here and there for ginger snap cookies which I will bake this coming Sunday, I haven't recieved as much interest in my cookies this time around so I'm hoping it will pick up before Saturday I would like to hopefully make around the same amount as I did with the shortbread cookies but I suppose we shall see. Until next time, Stay warm! :)

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  1. Great work Afton! So proud of you. Um, I was perusing the mall. But I'll be there on Thursday with some bottles for you!!!