Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Weight - Janelle

 - As I mentioned before, Russia celebrates Maslenitsa, or Pankcake Week. It began yesterday, and I have already had more than my fair share of crepes covered in maple syrup (that I brought for the family) and whipped cream! Again tonight, the mom is making another pile of pancakes, which will probably only last one day. As punishment for my extreme consumption, I pushed myself to run longer than an hour today. What I found was, it was actually easy on my system. Being at sea level really does make a difference. I am worried I won't be properly prepared for the half-marathon because there are no hills in Saint Petersburg, however, I had to battle gale force winds and blowing snow which, at times, put me at a snails pace. I found a beautiful park where the famous Bronze Horseman statue is, and I run laps around it. This park runs the length of the very centre of the city, and I run past the Hermitage. Not many people can say that! 
Pancakes, called Bliny (but we would call them crepes)
Me trying to be sly and taking a photo of the fur hat booth at the local outdoor  mall.

St>nicholas Cathedral - crosscountry skiing anyone?
Another angle of St.Nick's
At the Artic/Anarctic Museum...Yep that's CANADA!
Bridge of kisses, lovers put locks on this bridge for good luck
Intense Russian UNO
Tsar Nicholas and his Family's resting place - including Princess Anatasia
Pop colours, courtesy of a fun feature on my camera
 This is a ship, clearly, but what threw me for a loop was what was inside. On the top level, a restraurant - typical. On the bottom level, a GYM! yes treadmills, elipitcals and more. Imagine saying, Oh I'm just headed to the Flying Dutchman for my run...HAHA!
Mariinsky Concert hall right before the longest Opera ever...
And for fun, My pupil made a pancake face!

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