Friday, December 16, 2011

I park like a WHAT???? - Janelle

Christmas is fast approaching, which means school is almost done and shopping malls are nearly impossible to navigate through. Especially during the hectic holidays, I try to be extra cheerful, however today a stranger tested my good favour! 
In a rush to make it to my 8am Geography exam....yes, I said EIGHT IN THE MORNING... I squeezed in between two very improperly parked cars. I figured they were the idiots who didn't know how to park between the lines, so I would just park tightly WITHIN the lines. After the exam, I rushed to the parking lot and drove off to get downtown for another meeting. Low and behold, I notice a ticket on my windshield. I thought "Where in the world could I have got a ticket, and on my passenger window to boot?" Thankfully, no ticket. Instead I got an iparklikeanass warning. This 'Hey Donkey' warning was because that jerk didn't park properly in the first place! I will concede that it was a tight fit - but do not point fingers when you yourself are at fault sir! I was fuming, and I regret not taking a picture to prove my case. Thanks lowly stranger for passing on the christmas spirit. I think we all know who the real donkey is here...

Rant aside, and on a much lighter note, 
here are some photos from Calgary Zoolights! Enjoy!

 Ice sculptures made right in front of our eyes!
 Here are some GREAT christmas light displays on youtube - enjoy! And remember, SMILE and you may end up making a strangers day... Frown and you may turn their day upside down :(
I would also like to thank the Arthritis Society - Alberta and Northwest Territories. I received a wonderful 2012 calendar for being a volunteer. Without volunteers, organizations like the Arthritis Society wouldn't be able to reach as many people as they do now, so thank you to all Volunteers! You make our world a better place. Click here to find out how you can become a volunteer with The Arthritis Society.


  1. Haha! I'm sorry your phone cutoff halfway through finding this! YOU NEVER CALLED BACK THAT IS HILARIOUS!
    xo Betch

  2. This city is full of parking jackasses. Where can I find those notes? It's better than my hot pink Post-It notes.

  3. Well, I know what to get you for christmas ;)