Monday, February 27, 2012

From Moscow with love - Janelle

What a whirlwind trip of the Russian capital city. I swear, I have never been to more museums or churches in my LIFE! Today I went to the Novodevichy convent, and perhaps I should have steered clear of the lord. A bird attacked me and actually grabbed my scalp. Now, I'm not saying my hair doesn't look like a bird's nest some days, but SERIOUSLY! They look so innocent...  
They look so harmless...but never trust a bird.
Lesson learned - cover the nest!

 As you've heard, a picture if worth a thousand words, so I'm going to let my photos do the talking.
Old communist building
Metro station

St.Basils...which is actually SAINT VASILY! English people always change everything

My bedmate for the weekend - margot
GUM - huge mall with stores WAY out of my price range!
Lovers Bridge
One of Stalin's skyscrapers
You know, in Russia, there are bears in the streets!
Church of our Saviour
A shot in the royal gardens at Pushkin near St.Petersburg
Catherine the Great's summer palace - that's a lot of mirrors!
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Afton is the proud owner of an authentic Russian fur hat! The picture doesn't do it justice!!

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