Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Halloween to all our wonderful supporters! Don't forget - November.10th we're hosting our very first fundraiser for joints in motion! Anyone interested in donating a silent auction item can email janelle @! Enjoy some haloween photos from janelle's workplace.

Staff at the Hilton Garden Inn - Where Janelle works

Janelle and coworker Karan as vampires

Coworker Andrew as Lego Man - He clearly won best costume!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost two - Janelle

Good Evening folks! 
Afton and I ran our furthest yet, a whopping 10.5k in just over an hour. WOOHOO!! With the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter, our weekly running sessions are becoming a bit dangerous. As you may know, Afton tripped over a construction fence a couple weeks ago. It's hard to see where your feet will land. Not only is it hard to see your own feet, but we somehow managed to lose TWO runners tonight! First, it was Bob...he just ran ahead and never checked back. Second was Tibor, despite John's search and rescue attempt, we seemed to have went looking a little too late. All in all, aside from two men down, it was a good night! I even tried out my running gloves; I kept my digits all toasty.
Quick Auction Update!!!
We have our posters done, and we will be distributing fliers in the neighbourhood Thursday.
One more great auction item that was donated is a custom teeth whitening kit valued at $365! So come on down and put in a bid.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Silent Auction Talent - Janelle

I would like to announce some great artists who will be performing at our silent auction on Thursday November 10th.

Craig West is an Alberta born  fiddler with a vast repertoire of traditional fiddle tunes:  jigs and reels, waltzes and ballads.  He is in demand as fiddler in two very different Calgary bands and also at weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and loved at senior centres.  Craig also sings harmony and plays guitar when not amazing people with his fiddle. Craig has recorded two beautiful CDs of traditional fiddle tunes.
Carolyn Harley is a singer/songwriter who writes and performs in a wide variety of styles  from swing, bluegrass and country through folk and light jazz.  She has had her songs placed with other artists and has two CD's of original songs.  Carolyn considers herself a 'late bloomer' because she is focusing on her music now that her sons are grown and flown.  Carolyn has a four piece band called Carolyn Harley & The Davidsons.   She performs all original music and is available for House Concerts, fundraisers, corporate events etc. etc.

Together WEST & HARLEY make a 'dynamic duo' with an interesting mix of the traditional and original.

Come down to Leela Eco Spa @ 849 1st Ave NE Calgary, on Thursday November 10th @7pm to see these special performances and more. Our silent auction features something for everyone. Auction items include yoga gear, childrens' wear, coffee gift baskets, a women's leather biker vest, a youth klyne helmet, and much much more!

Special Thanks to Steam Whistle Brewing, Rocky's Sausage Haus, and Amandine Bakery for donating food and drink for the event. 

We couldn't have put this on without Leela Eco Spa and Beso Event Design. Thank you for donating your space Leela, and Thank you ladies at Beso! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back on track - Janelle

After over a week off with a sprained ankle from falling off a horse, I hit the pavement with our running troupe. Afton is still hurting from her fall last week, so like the dynamic duo we are - we both sucked it up and got back to our training schedule. Surprisingly, we did great...for the first 40 minutes! Simultaneously, the pain came back for us both, and we walked it in. I wouldn't have made it so far without the support from our trusty trainer John. Our third Musketeer Sara also stuck near the back of the pack with us gimps and even started us singing! You'll never guess what song she got us all chanting...

Thanks for everyone's kind words. With the weekend off to rest, Afton and I should be back to normal by next Tuesday! We are also happy to report our silent auction plans are coming along nicely. We visited many local businesses in Bridgeland and up centre street and were very fortunate! Stay tuned for a complete list of silent auction items. We also landed a really unique artist (who was one of the finalists Jack FMs annual "Busker Idol" contest) to play one of the 4 time slots for our entertainment. Check out his website...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joints in Motion Presents: Janelle and Afton's Great Adventure

Good Evening All!

The date is set for our first fundraiser. On Thursday November 10th, we are hosting a silent auction at Leela Eco Spa in Bridgeland. Doors open at 7pm. We will have entertainment along with auction items from area businesses, and we need your help! If anyone knows a store or business interested in donating an auction item, please send me an email: Make sure to keep your evening open. We will have a delicious cafe from Amandine Bakery to celebrate our first fundraiser "Joints in Motion Presents: Janelle and Afton's Great Adventure."
Thank you for all your support! See you Thursday November 10th!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great Run! Sad Ending... - Afton

What a great day for a run! The weather was a bit cool which once you are running you hardly notice. Jen, Tibor and I headed out from the Tech shop, running up, down and all around taking a total time of 54 minutes and 7.5 kilometres. 
Regrettably I didn't come out of this run unscathed, our run was cut short due to me taking a tumble over a construction fence, which I might add may be painted florecent orange but without a bit of light it was pretty invisable. I wonder how many other people have this exact same thing happen to them, perhaps the city should either make sure their fences are not running across the top of the side walk, or they could do something like glow in the dark paint, just a thought. I wonder if this was the "running gods" telling me that I can't train with out Janelle!! But I shall push on, I will not let a few pebbles inbedded in my hand and a bit of road rash on my knees stop me! No sir, on Tuesday I shall be in tip top shape and ready to run another 8-10 kilometres. I hope we get to run the loop a few more tuesdays before the snow covers over our route.
May you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend, and I will see you all back here on Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cool Lonely Nights- Afton

Hey everyone, hope all is going well in your neck of the woods, where ever that might be. I am sad to report my buddy and training partner is down for the count for at least 2 weeks due to an injury. The news left me with a sad and heavy heart, a lot of times Janelle is my motovation and she is always great company. So get better soon buddy!! On a happier note our most favorite trainer John will be joining us next week! Perhaps he can make that dumb GPS watch work properly next tuesday!
Today I went to meet up with our trusty running group to find only 2 lone characters waiting to start our journey from Tri-it fitness. This included Tibor and Bob, however we did loose Bob after our first interval set of 7 and 1's. Bob had run the night before and wanted to take 'er easy, so off we went into the dusk, just Tibor and I. We ran the loop in a nice and timely matter getting back to home base in 55 minutes, total kilometres coming out to 7.8. The air was crisp with just a hint of a bite, and the moon rose and shone bright above us. I hope the weather holds out for us for just a little bit longer while I work on getting the proper gear to be running in freezing temperatures, I suppose I will leave that one in mother natures trusty hands!!
See you all back here on Thursday evening!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rained out - Janelle

In honour of John's Westie withdrawals in Budapest
What a dismal day to we DIDN'T! This is what happens when your trainer hops the to avoid getting our fur wet, we went shopping instead. In our defence, we went shopping for fur - or as we humans call it, a coat. Afton and I have both been quite nervous about running out of doors this winter, so we spent our running time on running-related shopping. Afton had some success and bought a great fleece. Myself on the other hand, I have too tight a reign on my purse strings, so until we get rained out again, I am holding onto my not-so-disposable income.

Whilst at the mall, and against our better judgement, we followed our noses to Cinnzeo! As their slogan states: "Indulge, It's okay!"
Come next week, we're going to have to run a little bit extra to work off that sweet bun!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! If you are in the giving spirit...have a click on our names :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Save the date - Janelle

NO JOHN! Without our beloved trainer, Afton and I hit the pavement in our own neighbourhood - Bridgeland. What a gorgeous area; we ran along the top of the ridge towards the zoo and back. Considering it's October, the weather was surprisingly good!

Janelle by the ZOO! her favourite place :)
The time crunch is now on for our fundraising efforts. I have contacted a pointsetta dealer to get a charity rate on the christmas plant. If anyone needs plants for their office, please let me know! 
Tongiht Afton and I met with Beso Event Design. We are putting on an entertainment/auction night in Calgary on November 10th, so pencil it in your calendar. We are looking for any up and coming bands that would be interested in playing at the event. Also, any businesses willing to donate auction items can contact me as well. Janelle @ 403-797-4581, or by email

Remember November 10th! Write it in your calendars!

Thank you everyone who has supported us so far! If you haven't donated yet, make sure to do so before the end of the year to get your tax receipt before the New Year.

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