Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let the exhaustion set in - Afton

Hello my friends, I must say I almost didn't make it on here to give you guys an update. I AM EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED! Due to the extra hard training I believe I most definitley deserve, and need a day off. Work has bee extra busy due to Valentines Day (P.S happy Valentines Day) and I suppose the new shoes and the 14 kilometer hill run didn't help my poor calves! I didn't think my legs would have ever been the issue over my lungs but hey, I'm alright with that I'll take muscle pain over a lack of breath anyday! How am I combating the pain you ask?? Well let me tell you, after my long run with Jen on Sunday I promtly went home and used my foam roller, after feeling my muscular tissue give in to the tubular torture devise I had a nice warm shower and stretched everything out. That evening I threw some ice on my calves and went to bed.The very next day is when I realized that it was very lucky I had booked a 90 minute massage, I sure did need it! in fact the massage therapist decided to head straight for the business end of me to work on probably 6 trigger points, who woulda thought! After my wonderful massage I retreated to the steam room and then back home where I again stretched myself and threw some ice on them. Needless to say, I am still in a bit of pain today, no worries though, I will be back out there for thursday ;) I'm going to sign out now, while I can still create a sentence that makes sense, I will update the daily mile if I'm able to head out for a run tomorrow or ther e next. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Wow, you are working that body HARD. Might see you on Thursday. Depends if I' m jet lagged. I can already hear John say " excuses excuses".

  2. What I would do for a massage right now!!!