Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starving student and stairs - Janelle

Crash BOOM Pow 
Mother Nature had a fit in Calgary today; maybe karma for that spider I smushed on Tuesday? At 530pm, I peered through the curtains and thought to myself "yup, not going running tonight, no way no how!" Despite my excitement for a night home alone watching Law and Order SVU reruns, I imagined the voice of John our trainer echoing in my head..."rain or shine, we run run run." Afton affirmed the choice when she skipped out of work in her new running gear. "Janelley, what if it rains in Prague??" We got to the Tech Shop in Mission right on time and we see John in his nice work shirt and trousers. Until the two of us girls waltzed in, poor John thought he had a night off! I guess the rain kept most of our buddies away. According to John, our favourite running pal Sara was having a 'good hair day' so she couldn't make it...Sara...RAIN OR SHINE! Tonight we hit a set of stairs, and as we huffed and puffed up the hill, the view that greeted us was well worth the effort.
 Afton on top of the world 
We ran just over 5km with our smallest group to date; the two of us, good ol' reliable Scott and our personal traffic controller John. All three had to listen to me complain about having only $1.21 in my bank account. As a self-proclaimed starving student, I have never actually 'starved.' I have, however, eaten questionable meals when I start running low on funds. After training, Afton, the great friend that she is, opened her fridge to me and look at all the goodies I got!
I am most excited about the yop, which will be gone by the time I post this blog.
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A special thanks goes out to Hope Hayduk, who has been following the blog faithfully. We can feel your support pushing us up the hills.


  1. lol! I love you guys! keep up the great work girls! i have a question...are you allowed to run with a sign ( of some sort) on your back for the cause. It may bring more sponsors. just thinking.

    Your great spirits are shining through nice and strong and there is no doubt in my mind that that is what will take you to the end.

    looking forward to the next post!

  2. just stopped by to say thank you for being my newest follower. :)