Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's a dogs life - Janelle

It seems everyone and their dog were out tonight. From a big white poodle to a little yorkie, seeing everyone with their pets sure made me miss my Patches. It'll be a year September 2nd since he left us. I sure do miss that little guy! John filled us in on his run with Sadie, his westie. Sadie rides in the baby carriage behind the bike, now that's one spoiled dog. I sure wish I had a little furry partner to run around town with, I guess Afton will have to do.
Salt and Pepper - how clever!
 "Old dogs can be cloudy-eyed and grouchy, gray of muzzle, graceless of gait, eccentric of habit, hard of hearing, wheezy, lazy, and lumpy. But to anyone who has ever loved an old dog, these things are of little consequence. Old dogs are sweetly vulnerable. They show exorbitant gratitude and limitless trust. They are funny in new and unexpected ways. But above all, they seem at peace." (Old Dogs are the best dogs, by Gene Weingarten)
We ran by the old train station and through stampede park with our running mates Sharon and Scott. We ran 5.5km in 42 minutes, pretty consistent. Next week, the 5 and 2's! ahhhh!!
We finished just in time before the storm hit Calgary.
As always, have a looksy at our fundraising pages. Afton got a few more donations, Congrats!


  1. Awe Poor Janelle, I'm not a very good dog, but I'll try!

  2. I'm so proud of you girls. Advancing to 5 and 2's next week. Eeeeeek!!! I'll be back next Thursday with a vengenance. Keep up the good work!!! Sara "I'm having a good hair day so screw running"