Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let it rain! - Afton

So it was a bit of a soggy day out today. I have to admit I wasn't exactly looking forward to running in the rain but once I got out there I realized it was a much needed change. Comparing it to the 30 degree weather we have been enduring, it seemed a little bit easier to run in. Janelle is missing this week of running with the group due to work, which I can understand but she better be prepping for next week. Rumour has it we are going onto 5 and 1's, EEEKKKK! I decided I was going to run without using my inhaler today to see if I noticed any difference, I NOTICED alright! Within about the third set of 5 and 2's I took my inhaler and felt WAY better for the rest of the run. I ran a whole 6.3 kms in 48 minutes and 30 seconds. The scenery was great as per usual, ran past some beautiful houses along some great tree lined streets. Well that’s all for now, till Thursday, hope you stay dry where ever you are.

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  1. did you bring your camera? afterall...isn't taking pics. part of the marathon? lol! sounds like you are doing great! keep it up!

  2. No I didnt bring my camera, mine does not fit in my running belt, however Janelle's does! So as soon as she comes back running with the group we will have pictures!!