Friday, August 26, 2011

Late post - Janelle

Oh shame on me! Posting the next day....tisk tisk! In my defence I had a long night after running, but first a bit about our GREAT run! WOOHOO!! over 6.2 km, that's not counting all the times we had to check back. That's right, Afton and I were NOT last! In fact, we kept a pretty good pace at the front of the pack. It is crazy to think that just over a month ago we were barely running 5km, and we were usually huffy and puffing the whole way. With just over 200 days left until Prague, I think we will get a pretty sweet time for our half marathon. Last night we ran through the cemetery off Macleod and got a shot by Colonel Macleod's gravestone. Some of those graves are over 100 years old, a slice of Calgary's history.

Afton and I are starting to organize some fundraising events. I purchased over $1,600 worth of chocolates to sell, so if you are interested please let me know! shoot me off an email at As for my busy night, Sara was nice enough to give me her tickets to Globalfest, however once my cousin got to town and we got down to 17th it was about 10pm. I thought this would be no problem since both the tickets and the website said the fireworks event was going on until 11:30pm. NOT SO! We saw the fireworks in the car and then watched the stampede of people leaving the grounds. Unfortunately we caught the tail end thanks to faulty advertising.

To make up for missing Globalfest, I took my little cousin Brittany (who drive all the way from Red Deer just to see me) to Hot Yoga. Afterwards, I figured we deserved a treat, so we hit up Crave cupcakes in Kensington. If you have never been, it is a must do in Calgary. The gourmet cupcakes are to die for, and after an hour and a half of hot yoga, I figured I could get away with it.
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  1. way to go girls! wonderful post Janelle! love the photo's! mmm cupcakes!! :) good luck with the fundraising!