Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fast n Easy, well kind of easy anyway... - Afton

Hello faithful readers, I don't have very much to report tonight, everything was pretty much routine. We took off from the Tech shop a little after 6:30 and we barreled towards one of the nearest hills, "OH NO NOT THIS AGAIN!!" I thought to myself, but after we were at the top it wasn't so bad, in fact I don't even recall any other hills this evening.... who knows there definitley could have been, I think I was day dreaming through the run, which must have been a good thing seeing as though we were only out for 43 minutes and we traveled 6.7 kilometers! I received an e mail from Janelle today, she has been having WAY too much fun to be running, let alone blogging, but she promised to update you all on Saturday, so keep your eyes pealed! I honestly don't know at this moment if I'm nervous, scared, or excited for our race day, I mean wow, only 58 more days? Am I ready? If anyone knows the answer to my question let me know... Any who, I will be back here on Tuesday. These are just a few things I am going to see in Prague.

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