Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheesy Tourist - Janelle

The Neva

Finally, I had enough bravery to venture out in the cold with my camera! I also went for another un...but now my nose is running like a faucet - GREAT! On the plus side, I found a small park where I can run laps safely without slipping. On the bad side: I'm running LAPS! After an hour I think I was getting dizy :s Here are some photos! Enjoy.
St. Isaacs Cathedral
Oh you Bronze Horseman YOU!
I walked on the Neva...can't do THAT in the summer!


Peter and Paul Fortress
Cathedral of spilled blood 

My home; the yard is lovely and locked ;)

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  1. Gorgeous photos especially the Cathedral of Spilled Blood. I got the chills just looking at your pics so I could only imagine how you feel being over there! Keep up with the running! Smooches from Hawaii.