Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freezing in Russia - Janelle

I pulled on my long underwear and bundled my body in layers to brave the minus 22 Saint Petersburg cold. Now, that may not sound too bad, but the instant I stepped outside I could feel my eyeballs starting to tighten. Any sweat that managed to get through my frozen skin hardened in moments. My mitts were icicles and my calves felt like a million mosquitoes were biting away at them. After 40 minutes, I made the executive decision to run home. On the plus side, I ran past St. Nicolas' Naval Cathedral. Of course this isn't my photo.... Running with a 33x zoom lens would be a disaster!
I will go into full tourist mode tomorrow morning and go to the hermitage... Yes I will bring my camera. I am also going to a couch surfing meeting tomorrow (Thursday) night. P.S: it is 4pm Wednesday right now. I am writing you from the future! Spooky ;)

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