Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like..... - Janelle

That's right, I said it - CHRISTMAS! With the onset of the holidays comes snow, and more often slush, in the streets (which feels more like running in sand). To counterbalance the strenuous running conditions, neighbourhoods are decking their halls and front paths with spectacular light displays. However, trainer John may argue with the verb spectacular; he had to change our direction numerous times to find a street with any christmas lights. Come on people! It is December 6th and it is all white outside! What more do you need to be motivated to throw up a string of bulbs for the poor runners in the city. The lights are a great distraction, so please do us runners a solid :)
A very enthusiastic home in Hillhurst
I would like to wish our good friend Jenbacca GOOD LUCK! She, along with the rest of joints in motion team Canada, are flying to Honolulu Hawaii on Friday. I know it's a bit early, but we won't see her before she goes, so knock 'em dead Jen! 

In the spirit of the season, I am sharing my absolute favourite light display video of all time!
Too much Christmas?

Well, I would also like to share a great Russian band I came across the other day. They are called "Uma2rman." If you read that out loud...that's right, it's a band called Uma Thurman! And the lead singer happens to be a complete stud muffin ;)

Happy Tuesday Everyone, in Canada and Abroad! Surprisingly, our blog has had views all over the globe - Russia included, but also a few unexpected in The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Malaysia and all over Europe. Thank you to all our followers for supporting us on this journey in search of a cure for Arthritis. With your help - we can make a difference.

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