Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost two - Janelle

Good Evening folks! 
Afton and I ran our furthest yet, a whopping 10.5k in just over an hour. WOOHOO!! With the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter, our weekly running sessions are becoming a bit dangerous. As you may know, Afton tripped over a construction fence a couple weeks ago. It's hard to see where your feet will land. Not only is it hard to see your own feet, but we somehow managed to lose TWO runners tonight! First, it was Bob...he just ran ahead and never checked back. Second was Tibor, despite John's search and rescue attempt, we seemed to have went looking a little too late. All in all, aside from two men down, it was a good night! I even tried out my running gloves; I kept my digits all toasty.
Quick Auction Update!!!
We have our posters done, and we will be distributing fliers in the neighbourhood Thursday.
One more great auction item that was donated is a custom teeth whitening kit valued at $365! So come on down and put in a bid.

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  1. Great job girls! I got a lot of catching up to do. And those gloves do work! Sara