Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great Run! Sad Ending... - Afton

What a great day for a run! The weather was a bit cool which once you are running you hardly notice. Jen, Tibor and I headed out from the Tech shop, running up, down and all around taking a total time of 54 minutes and 7.5 kilometres. 
Regrettably I didn't come out of this run unscathed, our run was cut short due to me taking a tumble over a construction fence, which I might add may be painted florecent orange but without a bit of light it was pretty invisable. I wonder how many other people have this exact same thing happen to them, perhaps the city should either make sure their fences are not running across the top of the side walk, or they could do something like glow in the dark paint, just a thought. I wonder if this was the "running gods" telling me that I can't train with out Janelle!! But I shall push on, I will not let a few pebbles inbedded in my hand and a bit of road rash on my knees stop me! No sir, on Tuesday I shall be in tip top shape and ready to run another 8-10 kilometres. I hope we get to run the loop a few more tuesdays before the snow covers over our route.
May you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend, and I will see you all back here on Tuesday!


  1. I fall, you fall - it's like we're not supposed to be apart! 170 days to go until the race! YIKES! we better heal up quick!

  2. well...if you shouldn't be apart perhaps you should be training for a three legged race lol!

    speedy recovery girls!

  3. Good one Hope! I wonder if there is restrictions on that for marathon running!!