Thursday, September 22, 2011

Iguanas and Sushi - Janelle

On my way to Mission for our run, I passed a few friendly creatures on the way and I thought I would share. 
Bridgeland's Resident Iguana
Curious George
 I finished my personal best in an hour at 8.3kms. The last stretch was the hardest, but Jen and Afton both pushed me to run into the finish line.  We shared fundraising ideas and travel plans, which was a nice distraction from the extended run time. Our trainer John is going to Budapest next Thursday; so we are going to be trainer-less for a while! He will be missed, but having Jen as a motivator and time keepers is a good substitute.
Afton and I with our JIM buddy Jen
Sushi at Zipang in Bridgeland
After training, Afton took me out for Sushi at Zipang in Bridgeland. She got a generous tip at work today and decided to share it with me :) As a starving student, I was very appreciate. Love you Affie! Onto some fundraising business, Afton and I started brainstorming for our silent auction. We hope to find a venue for  november where we can have a band and lots of tables for auction items. If anyone has suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated. I have also teamed up with another JIM participant to put on a single's auction. We're holding it November 19th at Redwater Downtown. If anyone is interested in volunteering, or any singles interested in being auctioned off, please email me @ I still have loads of chocolate to sell as well, so shoot me an email.

Have a great night Everyone! We'll chat next week
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