Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hills, hills and more hills!!- Afton

Well, What a night for a run. The weather was just beautiful, nice and dry, with a hint of a breeze brushing by us. Tonight we ran through mission, everytime I'm there I just admire the alluring houses, the towering trees that line the streets and the magnificent landscaping.
With that being said, John took us up a few hills, everytime I thought the hills would be no more I would see another just creeping around the next bend! All in all I think I did well, I went farther then tuesday and I pushed myself all the way through it. The only time i took a break was on the downhill!! I managed to conquer 6.77 kilometers in 48 minutes and 30 seconds. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back a bit! ;) I wished Janelle was there tonight, Im sure she would have felt the challenge as well.
Until next week, hope you enjoy reading my entry, and I'll be back here on tuesday evening!
Stay tuned next week when we find out if Janelle has been keeping up with her training! As always, help us out if you can. Any donation helps!


  1. I hope I can keep up with you next week! What a stellar pace. Don't you fret, now that University is starting again, I will never have to miss a run again....except for next thursday when we have the Joint in Motion participate coffee date...I promise...

  2. nice! Afton! you girls rock it all! looking forward to next post :)