Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chocolate anyone? - Janelle

What a scorcher! We hit 26'C while running today, and we weren't the only ones sweating it out under the pulsing rays of mr.sun; our running group consisted of babies to a gentleman in his 70's. Afton and I kept a good pace with our first day of running 5 minutes, walking 1. Afton saw a specialist about her asthma and was given two big thumbs up for her half-marathon training, which is very exciting since we already signed up for the marathon. Today, she even had to push me to keep going. It's like she is healthier than a horse! A good run on a hot day, and even with my week off I kept up Scott's usual fast tempo (mostly).
I've been meaning to start blogging more about our fundraising efforts, so tonight is the night! Last month I ordered 50 cases of World's Finest Chocolates. I was only going to order 10 to try it out, but any orders over 50 don't have to pay shipping and handling, so I was sold. 50% of sales will go towards my fundraising goal of $8500. If you would like some (since I have SOOO many) please let me know! email me: janelle_1_2000@hotmail.com

I work as a guest service agent at the Hilton Garden Inn while in school, and my manager has welcomed my fundraising efforts into the workplace. The chocolates are proudly displayed at the front desk, and I have a whole wall dedicated to Arthritis awareness.
Skully sure knows how to draw attention to the wall. He's been the perfect spokesman for the degenerative joint disease while I'm not working. Remember, if you make a donation over $20 dollars, you get an official tax receipt, making us all winners. Check out our fundraising pages to find out how you can help fight Arthritis.

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