Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A boogie of a day - Afton

It was a scorcher today! Despite the heat and my sore throat, we managed to complete 6.5km in just 47 minutes. Woot Woot! It was our first time running 4 minutes and walking 2 minutes. It was a challenging interval increase, but we didn't give up. Joints in Motion Coordinator Elisha Jackson came out as well. We ran from Tri-it Sports at Memorial and Crowchild to Edworthy Park Calgary. There were lots of people out; young and old, 4-legged and furry, speed walking and 'casual walking.' John said hello to everyone like usual, and Sara had her elbows swinging all night. We met Shawna for the first time, who is training for a triathlon. We also ran with Scott again who gave me some pointers on my asthma; including to take my inhaler 15 minutes before we run. I'm gonna give it a shot Thursday. After our successful run, Janelle and I drove home, but made a mutual detour to Boogie's Burgers. Janelle had NEVER tried one, so it was a must! Besides, my supper was frozen!

Boogie's Burgers on Edmonton Trail and 8th Ave NE

Janelle is obsessed with Rainbows

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  1. yay! congrats on your time! and now I'm hungry.