Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Day Apart - Janelle

Vacations can get in the way of a training schedule, and with the gorgeous summer we've been having, I was tempted away from calgary to visit family in BC. Afton went running like usual on thursday with the crew, making August 4th the first day we've been training apart. I'm quite jealous actually, she says "John took us on a new route and we went through readers garden which was beautiful. Then we went through 2 cemeteries." Then she told me the scary part... "Oh, and I think John is putting us on 4 and 2s next week." 4/2s!!! I'm not ready, I thought to myself. At this point it is thursday night and I just finished supper in Whistler. I knew my hotel had a gym, so I decided to do my usual 40 minute run, and I tried running 4 and walking 2. To my surprise it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, however running on a treadmill was lonely, despite the fact I had the TV blaring. The only company I had was a gaggle of girls at the gym window knocking and pointing at me. I smiled and waved to them and they scurried back to the pool. While alone with my thought, I tried to think of all the things I did differently on this vacation than prior ones;
  1. Eat like you're not on vacation: even though it was tempting to gorge myself on treats because I 'deserved' it, my sister actually kept me on a healthy track
  2. Fit the training in, no matter what: having Afton at home doing her part of the work motivated me to keep up the pace with her and take a short 40 minutes away from visiting and relaxing to run.
  3. Have fun: now this sounds like a given, but my family hasn't been on a trip together since I was 12. Needless to say I am nowhere near 12 today, and my Dad vowed to never take us again because of the fighting and arguing. This trip, I tried to have fun, like John says "Having fun is the most important part of a race."
To prove I kept to my training, here's a pic of me at the Hotel gym

Here is the Family at the Olympic rings in Whistler, BC.

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  1. now that's commitment! good for you Janelle!

  2. Thank you! Wish us luck for the 4 and 2's tonight! :)