Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did you say lake, or ache?? - Afton

Hello Faithful fans! Well I'm sure I
speak for everyone in Calgary When I say GO AWAY SNOW!!! I have had
about enough, I have decided that yes, I really have had a wonderful
winter to train except it seems as though mother nature is not keen
on my long runs being without that white fluffy stuff! Gotta say it
makes for a tough time when you have to fight the snow for every
stride. So this past Sunday my wonderful long run partner and I did a
97 minute run and it was just shy of 14 kilometers, this was a real
long tough run my legs ached basically from start to finish, this is
when I had the brilliant idea to keep with my massages every week. I
had missed maybe two weeks of massage and my legs definitely knew the
difference. I have found it to really go well the day or two after
the long runs, however I enjoy them before as well in order to loosen
up anything that may decide to tweak itself in that longer distance.
Our next long run will be an 18 kilometer killer, I hope to be in the
best shape possible, so stretching, hydrating, icing, and the foam
roller will be my best friends starting tonight! As for this evenings
run we had a nice small group of runners, and we took our route out
and around the Stampede grounds, which we haven't done since summer,
there was a few spots on the trail that seemed more like a river
rather then a pathway...perhaps thats why we don't run that way in
the winter. I love running around there, I'm not really to sure why.
We took a 45 minute run, and traveled 6.5 kilometers, it felt great,
the air was crisp and inviting. Does anyone have any pointers for
this long run coming up? If you do leave a comment, ANY extra help or
ideas on how to last longer without more fatigue would be awesome!!
Well until next week, keep yourselves dry everyone!


  1. Bring a snack for our run! And electrolytes! :)

  2. Don't start out too fast. Drink your water. Have a gel or a bite of your snack before you think you need it - say 45 minutes into the run. And have some more of your snack at every walk break.

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