Thursday, March 22, 2012

The last supper - Afton

Hey there everyone!! Can you believe,
this is my last blog post before I take off, only a few more days, I
can hardly stand myself anymore. I will finally get to see Janelle
too! I really hope the weather in Prague is a bit more stable then
Calgary though, yesterday I woke up to beautiful sunshine coming
through my windows and shining bright off of the highrises downtown,
to a winter wonderland today! No surprise,I mean after all yesterday
was the first day of spring. Perhaps I should think about bringing my
winter running gear with me? I think I must have almost everything I
need ready to go, just a few last things; I have bought some currency
for Prague, and for Krakow, gotta make a couple phone calls, and
there is an item or two on the shopping list...hopefully I don't
forget to buy some sort of watch to time ourselves. A major priority
for myself when I get there as well is to find a place to book a
massage post race!! Being a massage therapist myself I was able to
play around with just how often I would go and when, and I know for
sure now that I will REALLY be needing it hopefully that evening but
I'll take the next morning as well. Training this last week has gone
well, on Sunday Jen and I ran around Eau Claire coming in after 97
min covering just under 14 kilometers, which is a bit slower then
usual but it's about getting those kilometers in right now. On
Tuesday John and I took Carol out for a 47 min run around mission
and managed to cover roughly 7.5 kilometers, and as for tonight I'm
sure a few of you know I have dubbed tonights rendezvous at Original
Joes my send off party! So yes I will be running, probably about 6-8
kilometers in 45 minutes or so and then I'll be at OJ's all stinky n
sweaty, ready for a meal and a drink! Hence why I'm blogging this
morning, smart girl... I know ;) So here's to hoping that all the
people that have helped me along my training this past 9 or 10 months
reads this blog today, or that they perhaps come across a bird in
their ear.... psst “Come to OJ's tonight” I hope to see everyone
there, wether you had veteran advice, ran beside me, maybe even
behind me, if perhaps you pushed me or you might have told me to slow
down, I appreciate every bit of it! Come share this night with me.
See you there!! Thanks everyone! Here is a picture of yesterday morning for ya.

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