Monday, March 5, 2012

Airpot Fiasco - Janelle

Never, will I ever, cheap out on airfare again. As usual, I bought too much stuff. This isn't the first time in my travels where I have surpassed the weight limit for an airline. In the past, I have just paid for a second bag, which is usually about 50 bucks. With Air Baltic, it is 30 euros for a second bag, plus 30 euros for ever kilogram over the allowed original 20 kilograms (which was already used up on my first bag.) My bag would have cost 480 euros to fly it to Sweden. That is about 620 Canadian dollars...FOR A SECOND BAG! Are you kidding me? I wasn't about to leave it behind either, so I narrowed down the necessities. I got rid of my nice shampoo and contact solution, a couple of liquor bottles, and I layered on about 6 shirts and 4 pairs of pants to reduce the weight in my pack. However, there is a ray of light at the end of this tunnel. Throughout this whole ordeal, Jerry Only and the MISFITS are watching me! That's right, I met Jerry Only. 

He knows Calgary as the home of Brett Hart "who drives his winnibago like a crazy man." Unfortunately Jerry had to be bumped to another flight, so the picture he promised me on the plane never happened... but I do have a consolation prize: a picture with a crew member! Who was the nicest guy! 
I am overly tired, hence the overly happy face
As for all that extra luggage you may ask? I paid a taxi to drive it back to my host family in Saint Petersburg, who will mail it to Canada. Now, I know it won't be cheap, but it definitely won't cost 620 bucks! So long Saint Petersburg, it was a slice!

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