Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweden and Denmark in photos - Janelle

Hello everyone!
Sorry to be such a lazy blogger, but traveling and blogging is proving to be more difficult than I thought! I am settled in the Danish countryside at the moment with my Aunt's friend Pia. She has welcomed us into her home and is being a marvelous host! Yesterday I ran for 1.5hrs, and yes, I ran past a windmill! There is less than two weeks to the race, so it is time to start slowing down and letting our bodies get ready for the big day. March 31st! As you may know, Afton reached her fundraising goal! WOOHOO.
However, I still have a ways to go, so any donations are greatly appreciated. Click here to donate online.
I've decided the only way to really explain my last couple of weeks is to put up some photos!
I'll start with Stockholm:

Blood pudding - sooo good!!

Vasa Museum

After visiting my friends in Karlstad, where I actually got most of my heavy training done, we hit up Copenhagen, Denmark!

Couchsurfing hosts!
Biking in Copenhagen

Kaley and the little mermaid....look at this stuff, isn't it neat!

Hadsten, Denmark, where I have been running :`)

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  1. Looks so Awesome! I wish I could run there, it looks so beautiful. Can't wait to see you again though! Take care xx