Saturday, January 7, 2012

Resolutions - Janelle

This afternoon, I met up with our running mate Sara for a quick jaunt. We met up at the usually spot - the Tech Shop and the boys were nice enough to let us mark down our cars for their parking lot. Thanks Boys! 
It's been about 3 weeks for little Sara, so we had a nice steady run - nothing overly exerting. We shared stories about our holidays and had a merry ol' time! Running with a friend sure makes the time fly by. I've started getting nervous about training by myself while I am travelling. Not only will it be tough to fit the time in, but keeping motivated by yourself is tough! My New Year's resolution is to be accountable to myself. I need to start doings things for me, not because the trainer is expecting me to show up at 630pm. I need to be able to run without an invitation from Afton, Jen, or Sara. Self-motivation takes courage and perseverance! I love my running mates, so it will be tough to leave you all for so long :( and doing something for yourself is tough, but so rewarding. Take a look at this list to get you on a positive track for 2012.
AND no more sleeping through my alarm... Resolution #2. Maybe I need an alarm clock like this one?


  1. Holy cow!! thats exactly what I need!! I wonder who thought of that!

  2. erin dohertyJanuary 08, 2012

    i tried for the longest time to make an alarm clock for my boyfriend that would dump half a cup of water on him if he didn't get up! lol but to no

  3. My old room mate would come into my room and physically wake me up, yet when she went to work I would doze back to sleep. One day, someone will invent the perfect alarm clock! I think this one is pretty close...but I have a feeling I would catch it and crawl back under the warm sheets anyways...Thanks for the comments!

  4. Your running buddies will keep you in check while you're away. I'm pretty good at feeding guilt trips. Ask my parents and all of my ex boyfriends.