Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Four Muskateers - Janelle

Finished our first 12.5km in 87 minutes
What a way to spend my second last afternoon in Canada! Jen, Sara, Afton and I hit the trails from Eau Claire to Inglewood. We managed a smooth 12.5 kilometers! This is the longest run so far for all of us, except Jen. She led the pack to success! It is going to be so strange training without these lovely ladies by my side. I spent all day Saturday packing, and REpacking my backpack. Ontop of my running and teaching necessities; the bottles of maple syrup, the boxes of maple cookies and the HBC memorabilia has put my pack overweight by 4lbs. Now, 4lbs may seem like nothing, but I have already paired down the essentials so much to get it to this point! I think I may have to leave a bottle of beer or two behind. So much for showing those Brits how great Calgary brew is....
Today, Jen gave us some great tips on nutrition while running. I hadn't thought about bringing any snacks/electrolytes/energy wafers, but she opened our eyes to fueling our bodies. Tonight, Afton and I are going to hit up Costco one last time to grab a few energy bars. Maybe Sara won't go so white if she eats more on her runs ;) Also, I am giving my beloved runners a wash for the first time today. I hope they survive the spin cycle. My next blog post will be from London! I hope it doesn't rain too much.

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  1. A great big congratulations to us ladies for a triumphant run. It was tough to say goodbye to you Janelle. Our runs will feel a lot more empty with you. All the best in Europe!!!