Thursday, December 8, 2011

Slippin 'n' slidin - Afton

Well well, we are a full week in to December now, and it seems as though Calgarys communities heard our crys for more christmas lights!! Tonight there was so many lights that the street lights might as well have been out, those christmas displays would have lit our way, it was a bit slippery out there tonight but the ice didn't get the best of our small crew. Usually on thursday there is quite few people running, but not tonight, I think there was a total of ten people, even John decided to bail on us. Perhaps this is how it gets around christmas, people get tired, maybe a few are hiding from the cold, and maybe, just maybe there is a few out there sipping cocoa snacking on shortbread cookies in front of a warm fire enjoying the night with loved ones. Hmmm, well if I had that option I might bail out as well! So this evening we hit a few hills but it was nothing we couldn't handle, that doesn't mean we didn't moan and groan about it all the way up, we stayed out for a cool 45 minutes and we were able to clock 6 kilometres. I cant wait for January when we start going out for longer, I would love to see the stamina we have. Well I suppose that about wraps it up tonight, see you all back here on tuesday!! Stay warm, where ever you are :)

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