Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lost puppy dog - Afton

Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well, especially because the holiday season is coming up on our heals and I'm sure everyone has wonderful plans to visit the people they love, I know I wouldn't want to be sick for christmas! As for the run tonight, we clocked another 6.25 kilometres in 46 minutes, I'm sure the results could have been better but on our way we came across a young black labrador that wanted to join us on our run. Luckily we found the pups owner and back to our route we went, I ended up having to do the run tonight without my favorite running buddy Janelle by my side. I have noticed as well that the groups seem to be getting smaller as the winter gets colder, hhmmm coincidence?? I think not! At least John made it out tonight, he hasn't run with us for I think a week. Also this week, I am collecting orders for shortbread cookies, I am selling them for 8 dollars per dozen, I will be making them on sunday so if anyone is interested please feel free to either leave a comment on the blog or you can email myself at I wont be taking any other cookie orders after saturday night. I will then distrubute them through out the week but I am hoping to do the bulk of it on monday. All the proceeds will be going towards my fundraising goal! Well I shall see you all back here on tuesday, have a great weekend! I shall leave you with a photo Janelle and I took on our tuesday run.

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