Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back at 'er - Afton

Hey all, nice to be back again, after a week of re-coop from my wisdom teeth surgery I am still feeling a little bit under the weather, along with four holes in my mouth I also have some sort of a chest cold. But I still made it out running tonight which was awesome, it made me feel good, even though I struggled for my breath most of the run. We made 6.26 kilometres in 50 minutes, which I feel great about! We got lucky enough to have a chinook blow through Calgary, so it was very mild out, just a bit windy. It was sad not to have Janelle or John to run with tonight but Sara was there and she kept me company the whole run, sure did miss that girl. I would love to update everyone on Janelles success at her last event this past saturday but I don't have all the details, besides I'm sure she would love to be the one to tell all of our faithful blog followers!! Well I suppose that about wraps it up for me tonight, I'm off to see how I fair mushing up a piece of chicken on the roof of my mouth in hopes for some protien, and to do my exercises I recieved from my chiropractor, see you all back here soon!


  1. I got all my german homework done! Good work partner!

  2. I miss you too girlfriend. Glad to have you back semi-healthy but always with a positive attitude.

    You suck Janelle. You suck.

  3. hey Afton! I did not know you had dental surgery. I am sorry for that but I am glad that you won't have to worry about those wisdom teeth now. I wish you a speedy recovery and good on you for keeping up with the running while you are not feeling up to par but that is the way it is when you start getting in shape. Exercise is a great stress relieve.

    take care!