Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Loop!! - Afton

Wow, what a great day to run! It was cool enough to keep a nice breeze, but wasn't to cool so I didn't have to add another layer. Today we ran along the river side Leaving from tri-it fitness at about 6:30ish.We ran what is referred to as the loop, heading west along the river and then across and back east, John had us running 6 and 1's today. I'm sad to say Janelle never made it out with us, but our friend Sara sure did!! It was nice to see that smiling face of hers as she trudged along next to me, I'm sure it wasn't easy seeing as though she hasn't been running with us for about 3 weeks. In total we ran 8.5 kms in 58 minutes, which is my new personal best in distance and time, WOOO HOOO!!
It sure does feel amazing to realize how far I have come in two and a half months,going from absolutely no activity suffering from asthma and smoking cigarettes as well. To running at least 13 kms a week, my asthma is totally kept in check and I haven't had a cigarette since I started my running journey! I could not have kept this up without the people that show up every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, wether or not they know it they have made me feel like I really can accomplish my fitness goals, they cheer me on every week and it makes me push myself that little bit more! I feel lucky to run with such amazing people and it inspires me even more by the generous donations I have received as of late, I am happy to report I have already received 9 percent of my goal, and Janelle is on her way with 5 percent! So remember every dollar counts, and we could definitely use a few! Until next time, don't be afraid to comment, we love to hear your feedback.
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