Thursday, September 29, 2011

Did you just say zombies? -Afton

Another Thursday, another run. Unfortunatley I cant seem to get that garmin watch to work properly that John has lent us while he is gone, hopefully I figure the darn thing out by tuesday! This evening was nice and cool, really great for running, however we started by running up a hill, which I was not a fan of, yet no one else seemed to be complaining. Once we got to the top of that hill though, only a couple blocks down we noticed there was a film crew, apparently there is a zombie movie being filmed in Calgary right now, pretty cool I think!
Our compact group consisted of Jen, Tibor, Janelle and myself. We all seemed to keep fairly close together which means less check backs!! We ran a cool 7.3 kilometres in 53 minutes, woo! Janelle and I plan to run on our own on Tuesday, our goal will be to run 10 kilometres however long it ends up taking us, so wish us luck, we are hoping that we will be running 10 kilometres in about an hour pretty soon, but I suppose only time will tell, I think that our goal is definately attainable.

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