Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers - Janelle

We caught a few good tailwinds and made 9km in just under one hour! John is off to Budapest on Thursday, so tonight's run was our last with our dear trainer/motivator/traffic director/time keeper. Afton took over the time keeping duties, and did a great job of it. Our favourite buddy Sara joined us on our record breaking run, Great work everyone!

On Saturday, Bikram Yoga NW held a karma day for my Joints in Motion campaign. As you may know, Arthritis effects the joints, and keeping those joints mobile takes exercise. Yoga is a great way to increase mobility - I can attest to it! Bikram yoga NW and its wonderful students donated $1000! Now if that's not good karma - I don't know what is!

Karma Day donation jar
If anyone is interested in trying hot yoga visit www.bikramyogacalgary.com

I work as a guest service agent at a hotel in Calgary, and on sunday I met a wonderful woman named Linda. She told me of her challenges with Arthritis, and how she has dealt with it since she was only 30 years old. Linda is getting both her knees replaced in the coming months, and was ecstatic to hear about young people taking proper joint health into their own hands. It's never to late to add physical activity to your routine! So get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather we've been having.

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