Thursday, June 21, 2012

Afton Power - Janelle

Back in Canada, for a month already!!What a strange limbo I live in. After getting home, which I was yearning for, I felt out of place and distant. However, thanks to Afton and some other good chums, I am back to normal (for me at least).  Sorry for the long absence, but it is never too late to get back on the horse. Onto training, Afton and I have made a pact to wake up EARLY and meet at 7am for a walk/run/move our bodies outdoors for some period of time. Today was day #1. Without her, you better believe the snooze button would have continually been pressed at my house.
It may be 7am, but this city sure looks awake and full of life! Loving the Calgary sun! (the star at the centre of  our solar system, not the trashy newspaper)
We also met up with our ol' running crew for the first time together since January! As usual, we started at the Tech Shop. I may have been too ambitious by biking to our starting point. My calves were killing me on only kilometre 3! This afternoon I picked up my Joints in Motion gear for Iceland, and I sent my dear Afton a wardrobe coordination text just for your viewing pleasure.
Joints in Motion FOREVER!
Onto Fundraising. Afton is officially done, but continues to support the cause. Thanks to her and her gracious neighbours, I have another 100$ raised from bottle/cans donations. If you have any bottles, I will gratefully come pick them up, with all proceeds going to support The Arthritis Society. Shoot me an email:, or call 403-797-4581.
Thank you for the support so far! I am getting so close to my goal! Click here to donate

And for one last amusing note, this is a photo of my family when I was about 12 years old. It was first included in the Awkward Family Pet Photos Book, and will now grace the pages of the Awkward Family Pet Photos Calendar for 2013! You can catch me on May 18/19th, a good weekend :)

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