Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rained out - Janelle

In honour of John's Westie withdrawals in Budapest
What a dismal day to we DIDN'T! This is what happens when your trainer hops the to avoid getting our fur wet, we went shopping instead. In our defence, we went shopping for fur - or as we humans call it, a coat. Afton and I have both been quite nervous about running out of doors this winter, so we spent our running time on running-related shopping. Afton had some success and bought a great fleece. Myself on the other hand, I have too tight a reign on my purse strings, so until we get rained out again, I am holding onto my not-so-disposable income.

Whilst at the mall, and against our better judgement, we followed our noses to Cinnzeo! As their slogan states: "Indulge, It's okay!"
Come next week, we're going to have to run a little bit extra to work off that sweet bun!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! If you are in the giving spirit...have a click on our names :)


  1. Don't be nervous about winter running guys! Well kept secret: it's actually more enjoyable than running in the summer. More comfortable because you don't overheat and more fun because you get to navigate snow obstacles. AND you get the space to yourself because everyone else is cowering in their houses.
    Trust me it's fun times.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement vikki - what do you wear for layers??

  3. I love you two! you make me smile thank you!

    you are doing great!!

  4. :D Glad to see you got the chance to check up on us mom!! :D