Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cool Lonely Nights- Afton

Hey everyone, hope all is going well in your neck of the woods, where ever that might be. I am sad to report my buddy and training partner is down for the count for at least 2 weeks due to an injury. The news left me with a sad and heavy heart, a lot of times Janelle is my motovation and she is always great company. So get better soon buddy!! On a happier note our most favorite trainer John will be joining us next week! Perhaps he can make that dumb GPS watch work properly next tuesday!
Today I went to meet up with our trusty running group to find only 2 lone characters waiting to start our journey from Tri-it fitness. This included Tibor and Bob, however we did loose Bob after our first interval set of 7 and 1's. Bob had run the night before and wanted to take 'er easy, so off we went into the dusk, just Tibor and I. We ran the loop in a nice and timely matter getting back to home base in 55 minutes, total kilometres coming out to 7.8. The air was crisp with just a hint of a bite, and the moon rose and shone bright above us. I hope the weather holds out for us for just a little bit longer while I work on getting the proper gear to be running in freezing temperatures, I suppose I will leave that one in mother natures trusty hands!!
See you all back here on Thursday evening!


  1. Hey it's the Raging Asian aka Sara. Sorry to hear abou
    t Janelle. I'll be back on Thursday with a few Thanksgiving pounds to shed. Peace.

  2. I'm happy to report after sitting on my ass for two days, and taking lots of drugs and having some hot baths - my ankle is feeling a LOT better! I have to be careful not to push it...but hopefully those two weeks recommended by my doctor go by fast!

  3. love your post Afton. you write so well and the image of the full moon is awesome! sorry to hear Janelle is lay up for awhile. SPEEDY RECOVERY JANELLE! glad to know your ankle is feeling better :)

    keep up the good spirits and and keep on running!