Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hike #1 - Janelle

I've hiked before, don't get me wrong, but a 6 day 5 night trek is going to be a daunting task! I'm giving myself a year to get ready, but I must admit I am more nervous to do a half marathon in Prague. Afton and I have been to training once last week, and we ran/walked 6km in 45 minutes....not too bad for first time runners!

Saturday, I hit up Kananaskis with the JIM Machu Picchu group. They've done a few altitude training sessions, but I haven't been in the mountains for almost exactly a year. The slope we first attacked was almost vertical. Everyone had a rough time, especially because of the unstable terrain. It was a challenge, but I kept up with all the other JIM hikers and was happy with my performance. JIM trainer John came along as well, and was his usually peppy self! We'll be talking about John a lot, since he is the one teaching Afton and I how to run.
 Hike #1
 JIM Machu Picchu Crew with Trainer John and Coordinator Elisha
The crazy vertical hike

Next marathon training day is Thursday, so keep checking back for updates. I will be taking photos to post for our before pictures.
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Janelle Lane
Afton Hayduk

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