Saturday, May 19, 2012

Come Together - Janelle

Back to one of my favorite places! Of course, it is the people that makes the place, so I will always love London thanks to my friends Kasia and Piotr :) 
Now, I know Afton has started running again back in Canada, so I laced up this week and did a little running myself! I ran through the beautiful french city of Strasbourg, through farmers fields in Melbach Germany, and now around London. My friends live very close to the famous Abbey Road, so I ran to the zebra stripes where the Beatles iconic photograph for their album cover was taken.
I made sure to walk the same stride across the street. Of course there were loads of tourists taking photos, but I left the camera at home. The Beatles did it best anyways :)

In fundraising news, I have raised 76% of my goal, so any support is greatly appreciated!! When I get back, expect a bottle drive or two ;) Any donation over 20$ gets a tax receipt from the Arthritis Society.

I get back to Canada on Monday. I can confidently say I am ready to come home. I have seen a lot in Europe, and I am so happy with every experience and lesson I've had in the last 4 months.
Here is a quick look at my last three weeks!

Biking in Strasbourg with my mom
The best view in Paris
Versailles with my dad
A door in Germany, just for you Afton!
At a German soccer match with my friend Julia and Apple Wine!

Have you ever watched this youtube video? Well at almost 34 million hits, it is pretty popular. When Julia visited me in Canada, I showed her this clip. When I came to see her in Germany, we witnessed a double rainbow in PERSON! We were both so excited! Just like Yosemitebear :) Here is our video

Double rainbow, all the way across the sky! It is so bright! What does this mean???

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